Optional with single, double or triple “M1”


W-JET, WAT: Self-propelled RoadDryer, with the M1 Jet Module in lift with 80 cm wide side slide to achieve safety distance to passing objects or traffic.
Type WAT-1 is built up on the STIGA Titan without cabin and WAT-2 the same but with cabin, WAT3 is build on the KÄERCHER MIC26 and WAT4 is the same but with cabin.
Type WAT1, 2, 3, 4 can operate single or several M1’s, in-line for fast, or side by side for wide drying. Ideal for Airport jobs.
W-JET can be build up on any other suitable carrier.

  • Fuel tank option for 110 to 350 Litre.
  • Dimensions & weight: (L/W/H): 335/120/160-260 cm, 955 kg (empty)
  • Option: WAT2 and WAT4 with cabin and air condition.