W-JET Road Dryer Systems

The W-JET Road Dryer Systems, with our M1 Module can replace heavy diesel compressor and LPG gas dryer systems, by the lightweight easy handled Jet turbine running, on A1-Jet Fuel or DIESEL added some additive, or, our new "W-JET MultiClean ASW" an environmentally friendly propellant, anyway W-JET will ensure smooth operation - in all weather conditions.


Our Road Dryer Systems reduce:

Waiting times due to bad weather.

Transport and handling of dangerous goods.

Work time in traffic, traffic congestion.

Additionally, and easy and logic operator panel prevents errors.

The W-JET System is developed for drying roads without handling and storing dangerous LPG gas, it's ideal for drying and cleaning the surfaces before applying new roadmarking, surface dressing, crack sealing, etc., and also great for weed control.

W-JET dries out moisture, dust and dirt and by the suns UV light worn-out debris from surface, to ensure strong adhesion for new surfacing. The M1 easy handled automatic operator panel will prevent mishaps, and the strong reliable M1 jet turbine inside sealed stainless casing of just L/W/H 35x25x25 cm and 45 kg, will deliver same capacity as a 1,5 ton heavy diesel compressor and lot of LPG Gas.

The W-JET dryers are available as self-propelled 2 or 4WD tractors, and a wide range of exhaust system is available for road marking, crack sealing, surface cleaning, weed control etc.

Specifications of our Road Dryers

M1 Effect, variable: From 8 to 105 m³/
Thrust: 280N or 350 kW
Fuel consume: From 10 to 35 ltr/hour
Capacity: 1500 – 3000 m²/hour
Noise @1 m distance: Max. 98 dB

W-JET "M1"

The keystone in the W-JET dry and clean roads system.

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