W-Jet MultiClean ASW

Originally developed for environmentally friendly industrial cleaning.

In collaboration with the manufacturer, we have further developed the product so that we can now also recommend it as an environmentally friendly W-Jet cleaning and propellant, delivered without hazard class and ready for use, and then it can be stored for two years.

“W-JET MultiClean ASW” contains no dangerous aromatics or sulphur!

Jet fuel (petroleum) as well as Diesel and Petrol all contain between 30-40% aromatics, generally it is aromatics that are the “evil” in fuel. “MultiClean ASW” contains less than 1.5% aromatics.

As a W-Jet propellant, "W-JET MultiClean ASW" is much better than normal jet fuel "A1-Jet Fuel" with 5% Oil, which was the alternative in 2007 when the project "JET's for ROAD's" started, also far better than that from 2010 recommended fuel, based on "HDI" Diesel with 12% Petrol and 1.5% Oil.

Aviation fuel and Diesel propellant still work fine in W-Jet turbines, but probably not nearly as environmentally friendly as W-Jet MultiClean ASW, which compared to the two mentioned, is almost odor and smoke free!

W-Jet MultiClean ASW is delivered ready to use in 20 l cans, 200 l drums or in 1000 l pallet tanks.


Service System

First service/inspection after 80 hours, thereafter for each 200 hours or once per year, which comes first.

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Certification & Training

One-day training with certification of W-Jet supervisor included at delivery.



1 year warranty if all W-Jet maintenance and service instructions are conducted and equipment only is operated by w-jet instructed operators trained and certified by W-Jet supervisor.

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24h. Customer Support

In the event of a technical question or problems, w-jet Service is there to help you 24h. Our Service hotline will respond to your call and arrange for rapid, W-Jet assistance.