W-JET MultiClean ASW

Originally developed for environmentally friendly industrial cleaning.

In collaboration with the manufacturer, we have further developed the product so that we now also recommend it as an environmentally friendly W-JET propellant, delivered without hazard class and ready for use, and it can be stored for up to two years.


“W-JET MultiClean ASW” contains less dangerous aromatics and sulphur! than other types of fuels.

Jet fuel (kerosene) as well as diesel and petrol (gasoline) all contain between 30-40% aromatics, in general it is the aromatics that are the “evil” in fuel. “W-JET MultiClean ASW” contain less than 1.5% aromatics.

As an W-JET propellant, "W-JET MultiClean ASW" is much better than normal "A1-Jet Fuel" added 5% turbine oil, the alternative in 2007 when this project "JET's for ROAD's" began, also far better than that from 2010 used fuel, based on "HDI" Diesel with 12% Petrol and 1.5% Oil.

The jet fuel and Diesel based propellant still work fine in W-JET turbines, but probably not nearly as environmentally friendly as W-JET MultiClean ASW, which compared to the two others, is almost odor and smoke free!

W-JET MultiClean ASW can be delivered “ready for use”, in 20 l cans, 200 l drums or 1000 l pallet tanks.