W-JET “M1”

The PowerPack Module


W-JET M1: Jet turbine mounted in stainless steel cabinet, standard set up with 380D exhaust nozzle and heatshield drying 38 CM wide, optional for 10 to 75 cm wide available.

The M1 module include Air and Fuel filter, and sensors for warning at low fuel level and or bad airflow.

Several different (or custom-made) connectors between M1 jet box and air filter as well as exhaust nozzle available, practical for truck or machine build-up.

  • Easy handled "automatic" operatorpanel with a ON/OFF switch for start and stop, and variable powertrim.
  • Heat Capacity: (280N or 350kW), 10 to 105 m³/min. at 580 -620°C, jet speed at outlet near speed of sound.
  • Drying capacity: Depending on surface condition, but in avarage 2000 to 3000 m² per hour.
  • Drying width: standard 38 cm, optional from 5 to 100 CM.
  • Fuel: EU-DIESEL added 1.5% Turbineoil, 12% EU-BENZIN (US Gasoline, UK Petrol)
  • Our NEW Propellant, the environmentally friendly "W-JET MultiClean ASW"
  • Consume: 10 to 35 liter. per hour.
  • Noise emission at 1 m distance: 98 dB
  • M1 Turbinebox dimension, L/W/H, weight: 35/25/25 CM, and 16 KG
  • Incl. Air-filter, exhaust nozzle and heatshield, L/W/H and weight: 118/50/55 CM and 55 KG