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W-JET “MultiClean ASW” has been thorughly tested by Danish DTI in march 2022, and we are very exited to share the results.

W-Jet RoadDryer Systems

W-JET is an excellent environmental alternative, to heavy diesel compressors and hazardous LPG gas systems, for drying roads and for weed control. The efficient lightweight jet turbine, can run on standard diesel, added 1.5% turbine oil and 12% EU norm benzin (US gasoline / GB petrol), they also run fine on kerosene (A-1 Jet Fuel) added 4.5% turbine oil, or our new recommended W-JET MultiClean ASW, an environmentally friendly alternative.

W-JET removes water and moisture and the surfaces degraded by UV sunlight, thereby ensuring good adhesion for road marking, crack sealing and surface treatments. The M1 is handled by an easily operated panel and the reliable M1 JET turbine built into a strong stainless-steel cabinet of just 35x25x25 cm and 45 kg. W-JET is available as self-propelled 2 or 4WD.

W-Jet advantages are:

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Less waiting time due to wet roads.


Less handling of heavy equipment.


No open fire, no fire hazard.


Faster work, more capacity.

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Minor traffic obstruction.


Service System

First service/inspection after 80 hours, thereafter for each 200 hours or once per year, which comes first.

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Certification & Training

One-day training with certification of W-JET supervisor included at delivery.



1 year warranty if all W-JET maintenance and service instructions are conducted and equipment only is operated by W-JET instructed operators trained and certified by W-JET supervisor.

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24h. Customer Support

In the event of a technical question or problems, W-JET Service is there to help you 24h. Our Service hotline will respond to your call and arrange for rapid, W-JET assistance.

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