W-JET: Road Dryer and WEED Control Systems

W-JET Road Dryer and Weed Control Systems

We produce self-propelled machines for road drying and for weed control that can improve effectiveness and reduce costs.

Who we are

We are a small family-owned manufacturing company based in Nyborg, Denmark. Our first road drying system was developed in 2007 in collaboration with two leading road-marking contractors and it is currently used by companies worldwide.

Patent protected

The W-JET System has patents for Europe and China, pending for USA. The user (buyer) must not disclose or sell the W-JET System to any third parties without written consent by W ApS.

Our customers

Our typical customers are road-contractors, municipalities, airports and others. We service mostly the area of Northern Europe, but are open to doing business worldwide. 

W-JET Road Dryer Systems

Our Road Dryer System can replace heavy diesel compressor and LPG gas technique by this lightweight easily handled JET turbine running on Jet Fuel, Diesel some additive, or, our new environmentally friendly "W-JET MultiClean ASW" that will ensure smooth operation - in all weather conditions.

Our Road Dryer Systems reduce:

Waiting times due to bad weather.

Transport and handling of dangerous goods.

Work time in traffic, and traffic congestion.

...Our systems also remove moisture and road dirt from the surface to ensure strong adhesion before marking.

...Additionally, and easy and logic operator panel prevents errors.

The system, developed for drying roads without handling and storing dangerous LPG gas, is ideal also for drying and cleaning airport runways, crack sealing and weed control, etc.

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Our Road Dryer Systems in Action

W-JET “WASP 380D” drying and cleaning before BRIDGE RENEWAL
W-JET “WASP 750D” drying very wet “water draining” asphalt

W-JET Weed Control

Without chemicals and heavy LPG Gas burners 


Photo immediately after treatment:

Photo two days after a treatment:

Our W-JET Weed Control System has the following advantages:

Our system improves effectiveness by treating all parts of the plants, including under the ground

The system is "fireproof", as it has no oxygen or open flames. In fact, it can pass over dry paper without causing any fire!

The consumption per hour is 15 kg fuel and 30 kg water. Capacety is 3500 to 4500 m² per hour, converted to consumption per hectar, it is 45 kg fuel and 90 kg water (in rain or wet conditions not needed), per hectare.

24/7 Customer Support

In the event of a technical question or problems, W-JET Service is there to help you 24h.
Our Service hotline will respond to your call and arrange for rapid, w-jet assistance.

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