The flexible and self-propelled machine


W-JET WASP: Self-propelled RoadDryer in stainless steel, with 45° tilt up to avoid melt damage on surface at start/stop. The M1 module can here be twisted left/right to go around sharp corners or reach up to curbs etc. Driven by a 3,5 HP Honda gasoline engine with 12V-47A alternator and battery to secure sufficient electric power supply, hydrostatic drive and variable speed forward/revers up to app. 8 km/h with electric speed hold, and optional “StepOn” Sulky.

  • 33 litre W-Jet Fuel tank for app 1,5 – 2 hours drying.
  • LED work light, 3 white, 4 yellow warning flash.
  • WASP Dimension: L/W/H and weight: 280/75/98 cm and 87 kg
    • Excl. Sulky: L/W/H and weight: 220/75/98 cm and 75 kg