About us

The “JET’s for ROADS” project began in September 2007, when Mr Keith Dawson, at that time CEO of PRISMO UK, asked WINTERSKOV Consulting to find a better alternative roaddryer system than the heavy and hazardous LPG Gas burner systems, because new official restrictions made it very difficult to use, store and handle hazardous LPG Gas on mobile worksites, after severe terror attacks on busses and railways in London City.

This started a long and difficult search for a better drier systems, that we wanted to build up on the idea of using lightweight JET Turbines. 

We had to solve various problems in the first years, but finally November 2011 we found the right solution after we entered with a capable turbine manufacturer, Mr Bennie van de Goor, owner of AMT www.amtjets.com in The Netherlands. 

Since then we have had the necessary reliability in our jet turbines, and after W-JET 3 units working fine in real-life road work in near three years, W-JET was presented to the public on INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2014. Today we are happy to have more than 39 W-JET customers in 17 countries, some operating more than 18 W-JET units, one for each roadmarking team.