W-jetRoad Dryer

Clean and dry roads by JET TURBINE technique, 50 m3/min at 700°C

W-JET replaces old compressor and LPG gas technique by an easily handled JET turbine running on normal DIESEL added 12% W-JET Fuel to ensure smooth operation - in all weather conditions.

W-JET reduces
  • Waiting times due to bad weather.
  • Transport and handling of dangerous goods.
  • Work time in traffic, hence traffic congestion.

W-JET removes moisture and road dirt from the surface to ensure strong adhesion before marking.
Easy and logic operator panel prevent errors. The system is built in modules - with turbine and operator panel (M1) of just 25 kg, as main part.

The system, developed for drying roads without handling and storing dangerous LPG gas, is ideal also for crack sealing, weed control, etc.


  • W-JET Fuel: EU Norm Diesel + 12% W-JET Fuel
  • Effect, variable: 10 to 70 kW
  • Fuel Consume: 8 to 28 litre per hour
  • Capacity: App 4000 sqm/h
  • Noise: 102 dB (A)
  • Weight: 78 kg (empty)
  • Fuel tank: From 30 litre
  • L/H/W, weight (WAS4): 290/168/85 cm, 285 kg
  • L/H/W, weight (WASP): 200/55/98 cm, 65 kg
  • Dryer width: Up to 80 cm
  • Heat capacity: 50 M3/min at 700°C.
  • Drying/cleaning speed: Up to 2-5 km/h. (depending on road/weather conditions)
  • Service: First service inspection arfter 80 hour. (hereafter per each 150 Hour or once per year)

M1 Module

The keystone in the w-jet dry and clean roads system.

M1 mudule contains
  • W-JET/AMT Turbine.
  • Fuel valves and pump panel.
  • Electronic Control Unit.
  • Air sensor system.
  • Adapter for exhaust nozzles.
  • Adapter for AirFilter system.

The M1 can be attached to any carrier capable to deliver fuel and electric power.

For service, remove airfilter and exhaust, insert blindfolds, pack it down and send it to us for 2-4 weeks service. Service plan is to renew all vital parts during each 4 services, and thereby prevent failures under operations.